Andrew attended the 2017 Woods Hole Optical Microscopy and Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences course in Woods Hole, MA from September 6-16th. Andrew was selected to be one of only 25 students to attend this high-level microscopy course! Topics to be covered include: (a) fundamental principles of microscope design, image formation, resolution, contrast; (b) bright field, dark field, phase contrast, polarized light, differential interference contrast, interference reflection, and fluorescence microscopy; (c) cameras, signal to noise ratio, digital image recording, processing and analysis, multispectral imaging; (d) advanced fluorescence– fluorescent probes, TIRF, FRET, FLIM, FRAP, polarization of fluorescence, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy; (e) digital image restoration/deconvolution, and 3-D imaging principles, confocal scanning microscopy, multiphoton excitation fluorescence microscopy, light-sheet microscopy; application of the optical methods to live cells will be emphasized, although other specimens also will be discussed; (f) super-resolution techniques including localization microscopy, stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED), structured illumination microscopy. Particular emphasis will be placed on ‘picking the right tool for the job’. Congrats, Andrew!