Congrats to Dr. Allie Bouza from the Isom lab and Julie Philippe from our lab on the publication of their co-first author paper examining the role of protein palmitoylation on modulation of voltage-gated sodium channel beta subunits in the Journal of Biological Chemistry!!! Voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) β1 subunits are multifunctional proteins that modulate the biophysical properties and cell-surface localization of VGSC α subunits and participate in cell–cell and cell–matrix adhesion, all with important implications for intracellular signal transduction, cell migration, and differentiation. Here, we report that  β1 subunits are S-palmitoylated. Substitution of a single residue in β1, Cys-162, to alanine prevented palmitoylation, reduced the level of β1 polypeptides at the plasma membrane, and reduced the extent of β1-regulated intramembrane proteolysis, suggesting that the plasma membrane is the site of β1 proteolytic processing. This is the first demonstration of S-palmitoylation of a VGSC β subunit, establishing precedence for this post-translational modification as a regulatory mechanism in this protein family. Congrats, Allie and Julie! You can read more here.