René’s paper “Synaptotagmin-7 facilitates acetylcholine release in splanchnic nerve-chromaffin cell synapses during nerve activity” , in collaboration with Dr. Arun Anantharam at the University of Toledo, was accepted for publication in Neuroscience Letters. The sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal medulla are activated in response to disturbances that threaten homeostasis. Preganglionic splanchnic fibers convey descending sympathetic information to the adrenal medulla, where they synapse onto chromaffin cells that secrete catecholamines and vasoactive peptides. This study shows that synaptotagmin-7 (Syt7), a ubiquitous Ca 2+ -binding protein, is expressed within the fibers that innervate the adrenal medulla and that its absence can alter synaptic transmission in the preganglionic terminals of chromaffin cells. The lack of Syt7 results in a decrease in synaptic strength and neuronal short-term plasticity. These findings reveal a role for Syt7 at the splanchnic-chromaffin cell synapse and suggest that it has actions at synaptic terminals that are conserved across central and peripheral branches of the nervous system. Congrats to René and the rest of the team! Read more here.